Trading Engine


The VT Trading Engine is highly sophisticated.

With it you can track the full provenance (like an ‘ownership history’) of every collectible, and set AI bots in action to stimulate user activity.

Trading increases social interactions.
Users know that they can complete their collections if they can just find the right offer for the right person.

Trading gets people coming back.
Notifications are instrumental in bringing users back to your app – and most users don’t mind notifications as long as they are relevant. Receiving a trade offer or confirmation of an acceptance are great ways to keep people checking in.

Trading builds a sense of ownership.
If you are unable to barter with digital assets, then how much do you really ‘own’ them? Trading is not a ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a core part of the VT experience.


Our Trading Features

Adding value to duplicates

If you don’t need a card you can throw it straight out to the market, find a friend who needs it, or fuse it with others to make a super-powerful new card. Finally - duplicates don’t just sit in a big stack gathering dust.

1 for Many, Many for 1

Reckon that collector will swap an epic rare card if you give 5 common cards they don’t have? Make them an offer!

AI Bots

To get the ball rolling, AI bots can be configured to make trade offers and game challenges to ‘lone’ players.

Find friends from a card

You’ve found a card that you desperately want, but don’t know how to get it? Find out if any friends have it with the tap of a button. Now you just need to make them an offer they won’t refuse…

View friends’ collections

The friends’ list gathers your buddies all in one place. From there you can challenge them to games, check out their profile (their avatar, XP, wins, losses and trophies), or view their collection. Feeling envious? Offer them a trade!

Social marketplace

Found a card you want - or got a card you don’t? With one tap you can post to the marketplace and strike a deal. This is also a great way to find in-game friends to play against.

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