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VirtTrade operates a unique platform for the creation, publication, and sale of Digital Trading Cards. In just three months, you can have a dedicated DTC app on the market, giving you a new and habit-forming route to engage your fans and monetise your IP. 




With the VirtTrade platform, collectors of all ages can now buy, sell, trade, win, fuse, battle, locate, watch, and interact with cards in ways that were never possible before. 


Our digital innovations include:

  • Dynamic Content & Live Data

  • Remote Trades with a Global Base

  • Extensible Albums

  • Merging Duplicates to 'Level Up' Cards

  • Simple Publishing, with Cheap and Immediate Distribution

Engage, Reward,

Retain, Transact

Our V2 platform delivers features and game mechanics that enrich collecting and trading.

We engage users with IP-driven collector journeys delivered through rich media assets published in real-time.

We reward users for their in-app interactions as well as their real-world engagement with each IP.

We retain users through purposeful collecting, immersive content and innovative features.

We transact with users through free-to-play and IAP, and offer a native platform for advertiser / sponsor integration.


Our Approach

We take a user-led approach to development.

This means:

  • Reaching an MVP as soon as possible so that we can get product in users’ hands

  • Paying proper attention to user testing and research, in-app analytics, and running alpha and beta tests

  • Minimising guesswork in terms of what new features users want.

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