Our platform is structured for rapid iteration. We release new versions of our software every week internally, and every two weeks to the user base. This way we are able to put new features out regularly and quickly react to what users want.


Back End : Battle-Tested, Scalable

We have extensive experience of publishing and distributing at scale. Our card assets are optimised for OTA publishing and assembled ‘on the fly’ by the client, and we can track the provenance of every card that has been distributed.

Back Office : Easy-to-Use Tools

Our platform incorporates a suite of ‘back office’ tools that underpin all publishing functions, from content creation and scheduling, to promotional marketing and customer service. With these tools the generation of a constant stream of monetisable content is straightforward and cost-efficient.

Mobile Apps : White-Label, Native

VirtTrade operates two native white-label mobile apps (iOS and Android). These are modular in structure so that we can ‘turn on’ battles and card fusion in one (for example), and social chat and contests in another - making sure that users and partners get the experience that’s right for their IP.