VT's Proven Platform

The VT Platform has been fully battle-tested by a host of top-tier properties over the last six years. Find out what the platform - and our team - can do for you.

Modular Design

Designed for a ‘white label’ approach, we can quickly assemble an app structure perfectly suited to your fans.

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Trading Engine

Originally the foundation of VT, our trading engine makes collecting the fun, social experience it always should be.

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Publishing Platform

With over 100,000,000 collectibles published to date, we’ve put our platform through its paces. It’s more than just content creation – it’s creating a product from your content.

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Branded Collectibles

With our collectibles there’s no limit to the content you can add. Our Card Compositor assembles them on the fly and so making changes after publishing is as simple as pushing a button.

Bespoke Animations

AR and more…

Live Data

Video and Audio

Game Data

Images & Copy




To retain players for months, even years, it’s essential to provide players with a continuous stream of content and activity.

Engagement is the end result of being engaging.
By providing a continuous stream of new content, variable rewards, social interactions and gameplay features, we deliver on average 21 mins/day of additional engagement with your brand.


If they’re using an VT app, it means they’re a fan of the brand. And that means that they will love the constant stream of rich, engaging content our apps provide.

The VT Platform enables the instant creation, testing, distribution and sale of a boundless range of digital content.


The VT Platform enables the creation of casual games that keep your brand and content front and center.

Out of the box you get the kind of features you expect from multi-million dollar game projects - such as Level Systems, Rewards, Story Modes, AI, and Daily Challenges. All for a fraction of the cost.

Collectibles can be used as game tokens: characters, environments, items, consumables and more. Endlessly extensible, the game evolves as new collectibles are released.


We know that collecting is a social activity.  People want to know how they are doing compared to friends, to show off their collection, and trade with others to complete it.

For that reason, the VT Platform features a host of social components:

  • Leaderboards
  • P2P Multiplayer
  • Customised Profiles and Avatars
  • ‘Canned’ Chat
  • Trading with Friends and the Community
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